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How to deal with the oil leakage after the label paper is coated with hot melt adhesive

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The composition and stability of hot-melt adhesive play an important role in whether the label paper has oil leakage. No matter how strong the public relations ability is or how fine the production equipment is, it depends on the quality of the materials. Hot melt adhesive is responsible for keeping the label paper of different quality free from oil leakage. But the first mock exam is that it's really bad. It can feel its weakness on a mold, and a slight pull is like breaking the waist. The production cost of the label itself is very low. It is suggested to make it with better paper. It's not worthwhile to damage the reputation. Besides hot melt adhesive, it has been used in label industry for a long time, and there is no problem in production technology. On the premise of no problem in technology and paper, the proportion of hot-melt adhesive in the overall quality of label paper is very large.
The oil in hot-melt glue needs just right, not much, not much. Why do you say so? If there is too much oil, I'm afraid that after the label product comes out, it can't bear the torture of time. If the oil slowly overflows from the adhesive layer, it will permeate the paper on the surface; if there is less oil, I'm afraid that the liquidity of the adhesive solution is not good, which will affect the gluing. Therefore, when developing hot-melt adhesives, we should strictly control the amount of oil in them. It is not good if there is more or less. If there is any oil leakage, the label paper will be basically discarded, and the oil will not be reversible if it has been infiltrated. Therefore, in the mass production of labels, it is necessary to test the quality of all raw materials. Especially on the problem of oil seepage, sometimes the grease will not spill out immediately after the glue is applied, and it will take a long time before the paper is gradually wetted. It doesn't matter if the test cycle is longer. I'm afraid that when I lose the goods in a hurry, I also lose the customers.


2020-02-14 10:32