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Weihai yingmu medical materials Co., Ltd. has established the quality assurance system in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO13485 system, implemented the overall quality management policy, and implemented the quality management method in various links such as product research and development, supplier management, material control, product process control, finished product delivery and post-sale service. In order to ensure the implementation of the company's internal quality management responsibility, we control the process of the quality management system by means of objective monitoring and other methods, and confirm its ability to continuously meet the expected purpose. If the expected result is not achieved, we should take appropriate corrective and preventive measures to ensure the quality of the product. By collecting the quality data and information of each link, the quality can be improved continuously, so as to realize the operation of the effectiveness of the quality management system.
We adhere to the requirements of customers as the guide, with a pragmatic and rigorous attitude to provide customers with satisfactory products, with scientific and technological innovation and craftsmanship spirit to create products beyond customer expectations. Our products have stable performance, green safety, meet international requirements, and are highly recognized by the market.



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