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Main classification of adhesives

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Now the main adhesives on the market are divided into water-based adhesives, solvent based adhesives, and hot-melt adhesives, each of which has its own unique characteristics.
Hot melt adhesive is mainly characterized by fast curing time, high bonding strength, environmental protection and filling function, which is especially suitable for automatic production demand. Now it is a high-speed development era. Time is money. Every second of reduction is saving and profit.
Water based adhesives are mainly water-based adhesives, which are characterized by non-toxic, non combustible, green, long opening time, slow drying speed and strong initial viscosity.
The main characteristics of solvent based adhesives are high adhesive strength, good water resistance, high volatility and pollution. With the promotion of environmental protection in recent years, people are increasingly aware of the harm of solvent based adhesives:
1. It is harmful to operators, because benzene and esters in solvents will enter human body fluid from human body surface, and then enter human blood. Long time and large dose contact will cause too much accumulation in the body, resulting in various diseases.
2. Inflammable and explosive, with high hazard level, which causes heavy losses in China.
3. Low solid content, high cost of solvent adhesive.
4. Increase VOC emissions, causing pollution to the environment.
5. The long-term residual solvent in the products endangers the later users
Hot melt adhesive is environmentally friendly. It can replace solvent adhesive, reduce solvent emission and avoid environmental pollution. It is environmentally friendly and safe!

2020-02-18 10:07