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Recognition and application of hot melt adhesive for adhesive label

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Hot melt adhesive is actually a kind of plastic adhesive. Its physical state will change with the temperature within a certain temperature range. However, its chemical properties will not change. Its taste is non-toxic and tasteless, so it belongs to environmental protection chemical products. Hot-melt adhesive is to use a hot-melt adhesive machine to melt the hot-melt adhesive through heat, and then the adhesive tape after melting becomes a liquid thing. Then, it is sent to the surface of the adhesive through the hot-melt hose and hot-melt gun of the hot-melt adhesive machine, and the hot-melt adhesive is cooled to complete the bonding.
1、 The following describes the use of several hot-melt adhesives:
1. Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive
It is mainly used for women's sanitary napkin, children's diaper, hospital bed mat, incontinence products for the elderly, etc. Especially the latter, with the aging of population structure in China. In the future, the demand for incontinence products for the elderly will increase rapidly.
The technical specifications of the hot-melt adhesive for this purpose are as follows:
Shape: white or yellowish block viscoelastic, solid;
Melting point: 80-90 ℃;
Bonding strength: 2.0-2.51g/25mm;
Health requirements: tasteless, non-toxic, non irritating to the skin.
2. Hot melt adhesive for furniture edge sealing
China is a country lacking in wood. In addition to a small number of high-end furniture using solid wood, most of the furniture is made of fiberboard, shaving or sawdust board, and the edge of the furniture board must be bonded with hot-melt adhesive to increase the aesthetic feeling, which is similar to solid wood furniture.
The technical specifications of the hot-melt adhesive for this purpose are as follows:
Appearance: white in yellowish granular or rod shape.
Melting point: 70-84 ℃; viscosity: 45000-75000 (180 ℃).
Relative hardness: 70-80%; curing speed: 8-12 seconds.
3. Hot melt adhesives for packaging and bookbinding
At present, food, beverage, instant noodles, cigarettes, beer, medicine and other packaging and sealing are mostly completed by hot-melt glue sealing machine. The book binding industry has abolished the old line and nail binding and changed to the hot-melt adhesive technology, which not only improves the binding quality, but also greatly accelerates the binding speed.
The technical specifications of the hot-melt adhesive for this purpose are as follows:
Packaging book publishing
Appearance white granular light yellow flake
Melting point (℃) 70-84 65-78
Viscosity 2500-3500 5500-6500
Hardness 78-82 65-75
Curing speed 3-50-20
4. Hot melt adhesives for fabrics
Mainly used in the production of shape, shoes and hats. The clothing with the adhesive not only has a crisp and full appearance quality, but also has the characteristics of natural flatness after washing and wearing without ironing. The shoes and caps made of this glue are light and airy, and have good shape retention. It is especially used in the shoemaking industry. It also has the advantages of wearing comfortable and reducing the smell of shoes.
The technical specifications of the hot-melt adhesive for this purpose are as follows:
Appearance: white or yellowish granular or powdery.
Melting point: 105-115 ℃: melt index: 18-22g 10min (160 ℃);
Loose density: 0.48-0.52g/cm3; rest angle: 30-35 degrees;
Bonding strength: ≥ 1.5-2.0kg/25mm; washability: ≥ 5 times.
These thermosols can be divided into polyamide (PA), polyester (PES), polyethylene (lope and HDPE) and polyester amide (PEA), etc
5. Thermoplastic powder coating
There are mainly two kinds of powder coatings: Polyethylene (CDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is used for cage fish culture, road guardrail, bicycle basket, frame, refrigerator shelf, fan cover, etc. It can be made into various colors according to the needs, and the coating can protect and decorate the surface of metal products.
Performance: lope coating PVC coating
Color: selected by purpose
Particle size: 80-120 mesh 80-120 mesh
Metal adhesion: excellent
General model: osd-150 5015 1116
6. Multi purpose solvent hot melt adhesive
In the production of many products, such as: heat-soluble transfer printing, liquid crystal material sealing, wallpaper anti-counterfeiting, calligraphy and painting mounting, computer printing, food production date typing, wire and cable agent coding, etc., are all the properties of the application of heat-soluble adhesive, but it is not allowed to use the existing granule or powder dosage form, it is not necessary to make it into liquid form in the presence of suitable solvent, and coating it on a certain substrate to obtain thin and uniform The adhesive film can be used in the production of the next process. Because of the different kinds of solutes (thermosols), it can be used for many purposes.
7. Application of hot melt adhesive and hot melt adhesive machine in furniture industry
Hot melt adhesive for furniture is a kind of adhesive specially used for sticking artificial board. It is an environmental friendly and solvent-free thermoplastic adhesive. When the hot-melt adhesive is heated to a certain temperature, that is to say, it changes from solid state to molten state. When it is coated on the surface of wood-based panel or edge bonding material, it will be cooled to solid state, and the material and the base material will be bonded together. From the late 1970s, hot melt adhesive began to enter into the important wood industry, used for edge sealing, plywood core, plate splicing, furniture mortising, etc. the early hot melt adhesive equipment mainly depends on the equipment of the United States, West Germany, Italy and other countries. With the growing maturity and stability of China's hot melt adhesive equipment, select and use the hot melt adhesive equipment suitable for the specific situation of each furniture factory, It can not only improve the quality and grade of furniture, but also improve the production efficiency, reduce the difficulty of panel repair, and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

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