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Five functions of medical tape

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Ⅰ: Medical tape has enough viscosity
When using the medical tape, it is after the operation is completed. At this time, the injured part needs to be wrapped tightly with the medical tape, and the surgical part needs to be firmly glued together. If the adhesive of the medical tape is not enough, it will fall off within a short time, which will cause infection to the wound of the patient and serious medical accidents. Therefore, whether the adhesive is firm or not is one of the main functions of medical tape.

Ⅱ: Medical tape will not cause skin allergy
When using medical adhesive tape, it is also necessary to stick the tape on the skin of patients, so that no matter what kind of skin it is, it is necessary to use it on the skin, so that the medical adhesive tape has enough adaptability, no matter what kind of skin it is, it can ensure that it can not produce allergic phenomenon, only in this way can it

Ⅲ:The sterilization effect of medical adhesive tape is good
These medical tapes specially provided for the hospital have strict sterilization effect, and the use of these sterilization materials ensures that patients receive close care in time. It also ensures that the patient's condition can be well controlled.

Ⅳ: Air permeability is the best choice of medical tape
When using the medical tape, sometimes it will be connected for several days without being disassembled, so the medical tape itself is required to have good ventilation function, and the air can freely penetrate into and out to ensure that the patient's skin can get normal breathing, so it has a good effect on the condition.

Ⅴ: clean and sanitary use of medical tape
When using the medical tape, it will be very firm to stick it on the skin directly. At the same time, when the medical tape is removed, there will be no glue residue on the skin, not to mention because it is firm at the beginning, and it will take a lot of effort when it is removed. In that case, it will hurt the skin of the patient. When it is clear, no matter how appropriate the medical tape is, Before use, the skin needs to be cleaned and disinfected, and can only be used after the skin is ensured and dried. Only in this way can we guarantee the normal effect of the tape.

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