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Do you know how to use the plaster in correct?

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Plaster is a topical medication that is always available at home to relieve pain in the body. It is very convenient to use, and it is cheap and effective. However, there are a lot of particular about applying plasters. Do you know how to apply plasters?

Method / step

  1. 1

Clean the painful area, if possible, take a bath first. After the body skin is dry, tear a piece of plaster and apply it to the painful area. If the body is sweaty, the plaster will easily fall off.

  1. 2

After the active ingredients of the plaster have been absorbed, it can be torn off, usually eight to twelve hours.

  1. 3

After a piece of plaster is torn off, the skin should be washed and washed to remove the plaster residue and sticky substances on the skin to allow the skin to breathe freely.

  1. 4

If you want to continue to apply the plaster, it is best to apply it at intervals of two or three hours to let the skin rest, and at the same time, remove the water vapor, sweat, and toxins that are blocking the pores.

  1. 5

After applying the plaster, if the skin has itching and other discomfort, do not continue to apply it, but you should immediately remove the plaster and clean the skin at the plaster to avoid redness, swelling and even blistering.

  1. 6

Unused plasters should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry place and keep children away.

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