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Hot melt adhesive for label

Hot melt adhesive for label refers to the adhesive products used for logistics label, product label, express bill and so on.

Hot melt adhesive for label refers to the adhesive products used for logistics label, product label, express bill and so on. It is made of synthetic rubber as the main material, with tackifier, diluent, antioxidant and other materials. According to certain production process, it is heated and melted, stirred evenly, formed and cooled, and prepared. It has the characteristics of 100% solid content, no solvent, environmental protection and non-toxic It is solid at room temperature. When it is heated to a certain temperature, it will melt into a viscous liquid. After coating and wetting the adherend, it will be pressed and cooled to room temperature, and then the adhesive will be bonded in a few seconds.




White, milk- white, yellowish, transparent, etc.


1kg/pc, 25kg/CTN; 6.25kg/pc, 25kg/CTN

Coating Methods

Standard hot melt slot, nozzle, spiral spray applicator.


Non-allergic, good comprehensive performance

Operation Temperature

Usually 160~170℃;Softening point:95℃,


Stored in dry and cool place with temperature below 40℃.



1.Do not mix with other adhesives.

2.Keep container sand pre-melters covered to avoid contamination.

3.As material is applied hot, appropriate clothing and eye protection should be used.

4.Rotate stock -First in, first out.

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