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Baby Diapers Adhesive

The hot-melt adhesive product line for disposable sanitary products is very rich, almost including all aspects of the sanitary products industry. The powerful R @ D center can also develop customized products according to the specific needs of customers to support their innovation and development.

The hot-melt adhesive product line for disposable sanitary products is very rich, almost including all aspects of the sanitary products industry. The powerful RD center can also develop customized products according to the specific needs of customers to support their innovation and development.
Hot melt adhesive for disposable sanitary products shall be used for structural adhesive, back adhesive, sealing adhesive and three-point adhesive used on sanitary napkins, structural adhesive, core layer structural adhesive, rubber band adhesive, front waist adhesive, magic fastener adhesive used on baby diapers and pull pants, structural adhesive, rubber band adhesive, front waist adhesive, side ear adhesive used for adult incontinence products (trousers, nursing pads), structural adhesive used for pet pads, Composite glue for non-woven composite materials, etc.
A special highlight is the research and development of a variety of water white, tasteless, non fluorescent core layer structural adhesives and back adhesives, so that health products customers have a greater choice of space.

Features of hot melt adhesive for diapers:
1. Light color, low odor or no odor;
2. No fluorescence, no allergy, safe and non-toxic;
3. Product line width, provide customized service;
4. Good thermal stability, good aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance, wide application range of high and low temperature
5. Excellent coating performance, energy saving and safety.

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Construction Adhesive Elastic Adhesive Core Integrity Adhesive Frontal Tape Adhesive Hook&Loop Tape Adhesive

Used for bonding and substrate materials


Low temperature performance;

Good thermal stability;

Proper open/setting time;

Non-bleeding to substrate materials


Used for bonding elastic material


Excellent adhesion to natural/synthetic rubber;

Good thermal stability;

Creep resistance;

Light color, low odor

Used for stabilizing core substrate


High wet strength;

Proper open/setting time;

Good balance of adhesion and cohesion

Used for bonding waistband elastic and non-woven


Firm adhesion to substrates like PE or PP;

Good thermal stability;

Longer open time;

Performing well in die-cutting

Used for fastening side tapes


Excellent adhesion to PE and non-woven;

Good thermal stability;

Superior shear performance












water- white, yellowish, 


1kg/pc, 25kg/CTN; 6.25kg/pc, 25kg/CTN

Coating Methods

Standard hot melt slot, nozzle, spiral spray applicator.


Non-allergic, good comprehensive performance

Operation Temperature

Usually 130~170℃;Softening point:75℃,


Stored in dry and cool place with temperature below 40℃.


1.Do not mix with other adhesives.

2.Keep container sand pre-melters covered to avoid contamination.

3.As material is applied hot, appropriate clothing and eye protection should be used.

4.Rotate stock -First in, first out.

While satisfying existing customer technical support and service, we can improve the speed of product innovation, provide customized services for customers, and provide personalized bonding solutions for customers. For information on the full line of products or requested MSDS/TDS.